Sara Barron is an award winning graphic designer, artist, and educator based out of Burlington, Ontario with over ten years of experience working in-studio, independently as a freelancer and a secondary arts educator. Sara has helped build brand identities and promotional material for small businesses as well as working on marketing teams for large companies on their advertising and products. She has also used her professional experience to build programming in arts education in both Hamilton and Halton.


Sara has studied under many talented creatives and obtained an advanced diploma from Sheridan College for visual arts and design, and went on to receive a Bachelor of Arts degree with an honours specialists in Fine Art and Art History with an emphasis on graphic design and drawing. Since completing her formal education Sara has honed her skills working in the print and design industry on various marketing teams. Apart from working in-house Sara has spent time as a Freelance designer working under the name of “Fonts and Frills”, building brand identities with independently owned businesses taking on new creative challenges that help her continue to grow as a multi-disciplinary creative.


Sara continued her education receiving a Bachelors of Education with a specialist in visual and media arts secondary education. She has taught for various arts programs across the Hamilton Wentworth and Halton District School Boards. Sara has worked with other creative professionals to build the arts programming for various schools and art centres to better arts education for students seeking a career in a creative field.


Hi there, I'm Sara.


I am an award winning graphic designer and artist based out of Burlington, Ontario. I have studied under talented creatives and have graduated with a honours specialist in Fine Art and Art History, with an emphasis on graphic design and drawing.  I have experience working in the printing and design industries allowing me to gain valuable skills that can assist my client's unique creative needs from beginning to end. I am passionate about creating visually beautiful and conceptual design. It is not only the elements and principles of design that are important, but the meaning and message that the design can carry.


Fonts and Frills specializes in one on one collaborative art and design services. High attention to detail is given to each unique project to meet each unique creative need of the client. For business or special occasions, Fonts and Frills can make your vision become a reality.


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